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Earth Science

Natural coloring of matter
The transfer of thermal energy from one partical of matter to another
Grouping of stars that represents a figure
Imaginary line that circles the earth halfway between north and south poles
Outer most layer of the atmosphere which goes into space
The path of an object as it revolves around another object in space
A solution in which components move
Where earth's weather occurs
A device that measures temperature a glass tube that holds liquid Mercury
All of space and every thing in it
Types of tools that is used and amount
Standard by which something would be judged
The measure of an earthquake based on seismic waves
Protects earth's surface from being hit by meteoroids
Amount of space an object occupies
Transfer of thermal energy by movement of fluid
Making an educated guess
Contains the ozone layer
Temperature measured by degrees boiling point 212 and freezing point is 32
A measure of how much matter is in an object
A huge group of stars bound together by gravity
Temperature measured by degrees boiling point is 100 and freezing point is 0
Transfer of energy by electro magnetic waves
Imaginary line through the center of the planet and it's north and south poles that rotates