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Health Education Crossword

Bipolar Disorder: Sameera and Nitisha

The doctor would use a ______ to compare the patient to criteria used for bipolar disease and related disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5),
In this diagnosis method, the doctor may ask the patient to keep a daily record of their mood, feelings, thoughts, sleep patterns and any other observations that can help with finding the right bipolar disorder diagnosis
Antidepressants and Antidepressant-antipsychotic drugs can reduce the effects of ____________.
Children with bipolar are often diagnosed with other mental health conditions such as ______ or behavior problems
The diagnosis of children and teens can vary from adults as they may experience different mood patterns and have differences in the _________ of their episodes.
A forum for counseling and sharing experiences among people with similar conditions or goals, such as depression or weight loss.
Treatment of mental or behavioral disorders through talk therapy.
Both men and women are ________ affected by Bipolar Disorder.
The odds of being bipolar are higher among Met carriers of _____ gene in the presence of stressful life events.
Rapid cycling and mixed state episodes are found ______ in women rather than men.
Mood stabilizers help control manic or hypomanic episodes; examples of this drug include _________, sodium and carbamazepine.