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Toxic legacy taints ANC as it nears 25-year rule in South Africa

the act of getting money or advantage through the dishonest use of political power and influence (p 1)
unable to read and write (p 2)
the government department that receives and gives out public money (p 1)
the activity of stealing from shops during a violent event (p 2)
only basic, and not deep or detailed (p 2)
to put something into action, especially to make something law (p 2)
someone's decision or opinion about something that suggests what they think about a wider range of related things (2 words; p 1)
to make someone have a particular feeling or remember something (p 1)
careful because you do not completely trust someone or something (p 2)
a ruler with unlimited power, or someone who demands that people completely obey them (p 2)
having very great effects (p 3)
eager to fight or argue (p 2)
a person who has succeeded in business or industry and has become very rich and powerful (p 1)
the systems for taking dirty water and other waste products away from buildings in order to protect people's health (p 2)
established firmly so that it cannot be changed (p 2)
a public meeting of a large group of people, especially supporters of a particular opinion (p 1)