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Business Law Ch 11

Name: ___________________________________
Remedy available for minor breach of contract
When a party intentionally and explicitly gives up a contractual right
A person who knowingly marries a second spouse while still married to the first
Damages awarded for foreseeable injury caused by major or minor breach of contract
A remedy available when there is a major breach of contract
Fulfillment of contractual promises as agreed
A couple who live together outside of marriage
Most frequent cause of discharge of all contractual duties
Term for marriage resulting from couple living together and sharing common property for some time
Premarital gift that some states require to be returned when given in expectation of marriage
Backing out of the transaction by asking for the return of what you gave and offering to give back what you received
Where the parties agree to substitute one party for another
A legal union of a couple as spouses
Restoring or making good a loss
A court action that terminates the marriage and divides the property and responsibilities between the parties.
A termination of duties that ordinarily occurs when the parties perform as promised is called ___________ of contract
The party who receives the contractual right through assignment
The only restriction by law in the choice of marital partners is not a close ____________
A General Contractor who agrees to build a house and then hires subcontractors is ______________
A court order commanding the breaching party to perform what was promised in the contract
Action or procedure followed to enforce a right or to compensate for an injury
What is created when marriage proposal is accepted
Person who delegates contractual duties to another party is still ______________
Agreement between the parties to a contract to change the obligation required
Support paid by the wage earner of the family to the other spouse
A transfer of a right a party may have under a contract to another
A court order that cancels a marriage because of a problem that existed from the beginning of the marriage
The party who transfers the contractual right through assignment
Failure to provide complete performance is considered __________ of contract