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Earth Science chapter 11

Breeze that goes from a mountain toward a valley
Circular winds around low pressure areas
Another name for cumulonimbus clouds
Latitudes with little wind movement
One of these would usually touch down between 3:00pm and 9:00pm
There are about 44,000 of these on earth daily
Cold air mass
Breeze that goes from the ocean toward the shore
Term for an air mass formed over water
Its temperature can be 50,000 degrees F
Area near the equator with little wind
Air pressure is generally low here
Difference between two things
Shape air masses tend to be
Clouds associated with thunderstorms
The ___ effect is caused by the earth's rotation
Term for an air mass formed over land
Huge storm that gives heavy rain, high winds, and sea wave and tidal action
Warm air mass
Highest category of hurricane