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Salt To the Sea

___was the brave character that sadly lost her life while on the ice.
Instead of a baby in the carriage, a lady was pushing around a ___.
"Screaming. Glass breaking. Alarms ringing"(317). This section creates___.
____ was the name of Emilia's newborn daughter.
The boat saving Florian and Joana is part of what in the plot?
The little boy called the shoe poet his ___.
The name of the boat that saved Florian and Joana was a ____.
Common theme through the story is____.
When Joana discovered Emilia was pregnant, she was ___ months along.
The ship sank in the ____.
___worked on the ship and constantly wrote love letters.
This story is told from __ point of view.
"A massive jolt. My head hit the wall. Lights flickered. Emilia was on the floor"(316). This is the beginning of the___.
Joana was rushed to____ by her mother when they fled Lithuania?
___ was in her fifties and was compared to a Viking.
"Bang!"(316). What figurative language is this?
___ saved Emilie from a Russian soldier.
Florian's papers were supposedly signed by ____.
"I was sure we'd all drown, like cats in a bag"(139). What is this an example of?
There were only___ lifeboats actually on the ship when it sank.