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Someone who experienced a traumatic event and lived
The term used to describe the event of the torture of Jews and 'undesirable' people
Chief (prime) minister of Germany
The discovery of the camps by Allied forces who encountered them while following the German army
A place where a large number of people, especially political prisoners, were persecuted
Someone who flees his/her country in search of safety
People who identify with the Jewish community or as a follower of the Jewish religion/culture
A German politician and leader of the Nazi Party
The nations fighting Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during World War II, primarily Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States.
False or partly-false information used by a government or political party to sway the opinions of the population
An action that stems from prejudicial thinking that denies justice and fair treatment
This group had a long history of persecution in most of Western and Eastern Europe because of its beliefs and lifestyle.
A member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party
A six-pointed star, the symbol of the Jewish religion
The Holocaust went on during this conflict
When a group are persecuted and murdered because of membership in the targeted victim group