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Teacher: Cynthia Hall
Small reusable metal blocks used to print letters or numbers
To expel from a church
The buying & selling of a large quantity of goods
A Spanish conqueror
The 1494 agreement that divided any newly discovered territories between Spain & Portugal
A trade agreement in which manufactured goods were traded for slaves, slaves were sold for raw materials such as sugar cane, and raw materials were made into manufactured products for sale
Land that is nearly surrounded by water
A pardon for sin in the Roman Catholic Church
A settlement far from the country that governs it
A religious movement in Europe that aided in reforming the Roman Catholic Church but led to the establishment of Protestantism
The religion of Protestants, or Christians who led a movement against the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church
The transfer of goods & diseases from Europe to America & American items back to Europe
A Spanish system that allowed colonists to demand labor from Native Americans
A system in which a country uses its colonies to obtain raw materials, makes products from the raw materials, and then sells the goods back to the colonists
To travel around the world
A religious image
A city that is an individual unit complete with its own form of government & traditions
The movement in the mid 1400's to 1600's that saw a revived interest in the art, social, scientific, and political thought of ancient Greece & Rome
A fleet of warships