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Earth Science Unit 7

weight or force upon something
the sub-layer of the thermosphere where the atmosphere blends into space
waste substances not ordinarily found in the atmosphere that affect Earth's natural cycles
the layer of the atmosphere just above the stratosphere; burns up most meteors
height above the earth's surface
mass of stone or metal traveling through space
an electrically charged atom
wasted, unburned fuel given off as a gas
process by which plants use chlorophyll and energy from sunlight to manufacture food from carbon dioxide
ability of a material to reflect solar radiation
process of heat transfer by the circulation or movement of a liquid or a gas
layer of the atmosphere above the mesosphere where temperatures are the highest in the atmosphere
the process by which oxygen combines with food to release energy and carbon dioxide
instrument used to measure air pressure
transfer of heat or energy through rays of various wavelengths
layer of the atmosphere nearest the earth where most weather changes occur
moisture in the air
layer of the atmosphere just above the troposphere where the temperature remains fairly constant
a region in the upper stratosphere where ozone is concentrated
mass of stone or metal that has passed through the atmosphere and struck the earth's surface
the transfer of heat between two stationary entities
single-celled photosynthetic bacteria
a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms; absorbs UV radiation