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ACT Adjectives

Bitter, offended, insulted
Snobbish, scornfully arrogant
Desiring to help others, charitable, expressing goodwill
Worthy of imitation, serving as model or pattern
Not in correct historical time, error in chronology
Name is withheld, or acknowledged
Automatic, understood, habitual, instinctual
Subject to, depending on a condition, allowed on certain terms
Not genuine, or true, not from proper source, counterfeit
Flushed red complexion, fancy, ornate, extravagant
Prudently saving, not wasteful
Persistent, studious, constant in application or effort
Agreeable, friendly
Alert, careful, cautious, suspiciousness and alertness in watching for danger
Patronizing, showing descent from dignity
Indirect route or journey, winding path, round about way
Accidental, lucky, fortunate
Temporary, brief
Diplomatic, careful not to offend or upset other people
Sudden rash emotion, impulsive
Harmful, destructive
Commonplace or dull, uninteresting, ordinary