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Animal Cell

Gel-like substance of chemicals and water inside the cell.
Organelle that breaks down food and releases energy.
Responsible for making proteins, which cells need for pretty much everything they do.
Organelle that looks like a ribbon. There are two types: rough ER and smooth ER.
Part of an organelle used to create and store large molecules like steroids and to store charged particles called ions. HINT: Look at #8 across for abbreviation.
Outer layer of a cell that regulates the chemical balance of the cell by deciding what gets in and what stays out.
Part of an organelle studded with smaller structures called ribosomes. HINT: Look at #8 across for abbreviation.
The command center for the cell. It's the boss that hands out orders to the other cell parts.
Storage organelles that hang on to water, waste products, and food until they're needed.
Membrane-covered sacs that pack up proteins that are ready to be sent out to your body.
Located within the nucleus whose function is to produce ribosomes.
Organelle that breaks down food, cell waste, and worn out cell parts.