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Economics U6

Townspeople of the Middle Ages.
The use of resources.
Assists nations in their international financial business.
An organized work stoppage and walkout.
A unit of particular value in a currency system.
Japanese unit of money.
A member of a feudal class of people in Europe which was owned by the heads
A tax on imported goods
The only seller of a particular good or service in a market.
Israeli unit of money.
When one enjoys an increase in production and demand; when prosperity is high.
Slang term for dollar bills, because of the green ink used to print the money.
The freedom of private enterprise with the opportunity to make a profit and risk a loss financially.
Imitation of the genuine money, created with the intent to defraud.
An advantage for oneself; a benefit or gain; a great help.
Moving of money throughout the country, from business to business and person to person.
Adding up the value of all of a nation's goods and services in a given year.
What a business has earned above all costs.
Organized fellowships of workers with similar work experience or talents.
Net worth of a business; assets that include cash on hand, machinery, real estate, and buildings.
A job where work is done for others.
budget Plans for the use of income and for expenditures for a certain amount of time.
A system of total government control over the financial decisions and operations of the country.
Block a plant entrance by unionists carrying signs or placards expressing their concerns.
The exchange for goods without the use of money.
A system of financial activity in a country or settlement.
A printed certificate which entitles the bearer to certain financial benefits, like a discount or rebate.
The "father of economics" who wrote the Wealth of Nations.