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Old Testament Religion - Book of Exodus
Hebrew descendants of Joseph living in Egypt
How God appeared to Moses to speak to him
All-powerful ruler of Egypt
How God led the Israelites by day
Defeating an enemy in battle
Country in north-east Africa with 5,000 year-old history
The 10th and last plague God sent on Egypt
Pharaoh's daughter
Long stick used as a support when walking or climbing
Not changing one's attitude in spite of good reasons to do so
What the Israelites should eat with the lamb
2-wheeled vehicles drawn by horses
What the water of the Red Sea did
Hebrew child adopted by Pharaoh's daughter, raised as an Egyptian
Song of Victory to the Lord after He saved them at the Red Sea
Bread without yeast (droždie)
An unusually large number of insects or a contagious disease.
The festival meal that God told the Hebrews to prepare, to honor him
Being oppressed, (utlak) having to work very hard with no paymt.
How God led the Israelites by night
How the lamb should be prepared for the Passover meal
What the Israelites painted with blood so the Angel of Death would pass over
Moses' brother who spoke for him, Levite
God's command to Moses to be the leader of Israel
What Moses' mother put him in to float down the Nile River
Departure, going out, the Israelites leaving Egypt
Land Moses fled to after killing the Egyptian