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Practice for the City Written Bee

The skill or knowledge of an expert (French)
A bitter quarrel or feud, as between families (Italian)
An intense arctic snowstorm characterized by severe cold and wind-driven snow (Slavic)
A giant tidal wave (Japanese)
A small fault or offense (Spanish)
A small drum struck with the fingers (Spanish)
A frozen ice cream dessert (French)
A shelter for motor vehicles (French)
Extremely small (Latin)
Generous in overlooking an insult; rising above pettiness (Latin)
A tax on exports or imports (Arabic)
The highest point; the point in the sky directly overhead (Arabic)
A doleful story; a tale of woe (Eponyms)
(n) a nautical measure of depth equal to 6 feet (v) to understand thoroughly (Old English)
Commonplace; dull (Latin)
Land densely covered with trees and vines, as in the tropics (Asian)
A Navajo Indian dwelling, built of earth walls supported by timbers (New World Languages)
One who takes part in an event (Latin)
Easy; comfortable (Asian)
Cross-country racing on skis (German)
A large, leopard-like cat (New World Languages)
A desire to help mankind, usually by endowments to institutions (Greek)
Prohibited; forbidden (German)
With true identity disguised (Italian)
A group of accompanying attendants (French)
A line on a map connecting areas with the barometric pressure (Greek)