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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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7th Grade Exp. 6 Voc 1 & 3

Teacher: Ms. Angenette Garza
In your home, who does the ________ job of washing the dishes?
Machines often help with the _______ of cars.
If you ________ a crime, you might go to jail.
Sometimes it takes a _______ machine to do a simple task.
If you enjoy computers, you may want to_______ a college degree in computer science.
It is ________to say that 2+2=5.
A calculator is a helpful _______ when adding large numbers.
This glove is ______, it is missing a thumb.
You ______ in Math, while I do better in history.
Computer _______ has changed the way we store information.
Many inventors have a _______ genius for creativity.
Have you played the latest _______of this computer game?