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Science Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Brayden Guedry and Hayley fredrickson
#25 and #26 send signals to the brain along this short thick nerve
Has trouble seeing close objects but can see objects at a distance
Measure of how much a light ray bends when it enters a medium
The energy that electromagnetic waves transfer through matter or space
A Ring of muscle that contacts and expands to change the size of the pupil
When a person can see nearby things clearly but has trouble seeing abject sat a distance
The transparent front surface surface of the eye from which light enters through
When parallel rays of light hit a smooth surface
An imaginary line that divides a mirror in half
A Copy of an object formed by reflected or refracted light
A Curved piece of glass or other transparent materials that refract light
A Packet of light or energy
To show how light how light reflects you can represent light waves as straight lines
A Transverse wave that involves the transfer of energy
Cells that contain a pigment that responds to small amounts of light
When parallel rays of light hit an uneven surface
Cells that respond to color
The point at which rays parallel to the optical axis reflect and meet
Light that can cause an electron to get knocked out of the metal
A Flat sheet of glass that has a smooth silver-colored coating on one side
A Mirror with a surface that curves inwards like the inside of a bowl
When light rays actually meet
An image image that forms where the light seems to come from- the image you see in a (#10)
A Mirror with a surface that curves out wards
The light that passes through a polarized filter
Lens that is thinner in the center then on the edges
An image of a distant objects caused by refraction of light
A Layer of cells that lines the inside of the eye