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Law in Canada

The first juries consisted of _____ elderly men.
Habeas Corpus is latin for "you must have the ____".
The law that was developed in English courts relies on case law and is _____ to all people.
This kind of law is passed from generation to generation through storytelling and myths.
The arena for most legal battles is the _____.
Trial by Ordeal is only used when the sentence for guilt was the _____.
A method of deciding cases based on recorded decisions of similar cases.
Through the process of _____, cases are identified as being sufficiently different from previous cases as to warrant a different decision.
_____ overrides all other laws.
Applying a previous decision to a case that has similar circumstances is the Rule of _____.
The Divine Right held monarchs accountable only to _____.
Each level of government has the power to enact _____.
Relying on the decisions made by other courts when determining the outcome of similar cases.
HE was considered "the law".
Requiring a person to undergo torture to determine guilt or innocence.
Trial by Combat determines guilt or innocence by having the parties fight a _____.
In Western democracies and the law, it is important to separate the _____ from the State.
Travelling courts are referred to as _____.
One of the first constitutions; charter of political and civil rights.
Laws that deal with local issues and are passed by municipal governments.
This kind of law is at the bottom of the pyramid.
The political or legal authority to pass and enforce laws, or the judicial authority to decide a case.
A court order designed to prevent unlawful arrest by ensuring that anyone detained is charged before a court within a reasonable amount of time.
Judges of travelling courts are referred to as _____.
Trial by _____ requires friends of the accused to swear on the Bible that he or she was innocent.
The concept that monarchs and their successors derived their power to rule from God.
This kind of system is the judicial process whereby evidence is presented by two opposing parties to an impartial judge or jury.
Constitutional Law deals with the distribution and exercise of government _____.
In Statute Law, a law or act is passed by the _____.
This kind of law had the most influence on our law system in Canada.
Where is it illegal to accept a challenge to duel?
There are _____ sources of law in Canada.