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Family Tree

The person God sent to save us from our sins.
God created this woman from Adam's rib.
Jacob's mother - she sent him away because she was afraid that his brother would kill him because he stole his birthright.
Abraham's wife and they had a son named Isaac.
Rebekah's son - she sent him away so he wouldn't be killed by his brother.
This is where Adam and Eve lived before they sinned.
Noah's son who went East to the land of Shinar. His descendents built the Tower of Babel.
Son of Adam and Eve who was killed by his brother.
He was a descendant of Adam and Eve's son Seth and he built the ark.
Adam and Eve's son and Noah was their descendant.
God tested this person by asking him to sacrifice his son.
Adam and Eve's son who killed his brother Abel.
This was the son of Jacob and Rachel and his brothers sold him to market traders and told their father that he was killed by an animal.
Our ____________ tree shows us who came before us. (parents, grand-parents, etc.)
This was the first person God created after he created the earth.