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The Mass

After the first reading we sing the Responsorial _______
________of the Faithful take place after Creed
We begin mass with the sign of the______
After consecration we proclaim the ______ of faith.
We shake hands to offer the Sign of ________
Prayer at beginning of mass where we praise God
When bread & wine become Jesus' body and blood
Before communion we sing the _____ of God
Talk given by priest after the gospel
Part of mass beginning with bringing up the gifts is Liturgy of the____
The Church teaches that we should go to mass every ______
Before communion we offer The ______ Prayer
Part of mass where scripture is read is called Liturgy of the____
Jewish feast where Jesus first celebrated Eucharist
Statement of what we believe
The priest calls upon the Holy _____ to change bread & wine into Christ's body & blood
Jesus said do this in _______ of me.
Table used during Mass
Eucharist is one of the seven _________
The priest holds up the host and says "Behold the ______ of God"