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Spelling Grade 3 Lesson 7

Teacher: Gretchen Bagwell
A person who instructs a person or a team. To instruct.
A large thick cord. To fasten with a rope.
In a slow way; not fast.
To send an object through the air using the hand. A type of thin blanket.
The land near the ocean or sea. To move along without power.
The day after today.
More than one MINUTE.
Lower than something else in place, rank, or value.
A part of the foot
To be led or guided by someone.
A small inlet in the shoreline
A small boat that is made to be rowed with oars.
A pole in the ground; to publish
A machine that gives movement and power to an object.
Away from others
Undoing; removing something that is in the way.
A fruit related to the squash family.
A controlled swing. To rub gently in one direction.
A fuzzy growth. To shape.