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Background To the American Revolution.

The general responsible for many French victories during the Seven-Years War.
The philosopher who defined unalienable natural rights - life, liberty, property.
The act of gathering funds from a population.
Resulted in a tax placed on formally written documents to help offset the cost of the first truly global conflict.
The British Monarch who ruled during the American Revolution.
A period of intense questioning.
The idea that people must agree to be governed.
The British General responsible for defeating the French at
Unlimited centralized authority by a monarch.
The first permanent English settlement.
The first truly global conflict.
Soldiers raised from the general population in times of need.
How people in Britain's North America colonies identified themselves.
The legislative body of Britain.
Britain's North American colonies on the Atlantic coast.
France's North American colony on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.
A confederation of five indigenous nations.
The actual length of the Seven-Years War.
The philosopher who believed that government should be separated into three branches.
Professional, full-time soldiers.
A region both France and Britain laid claim to in North America. Both powers established forts in the area to support their claim.
A traditional enemy of the Iroquois
A vast commercial industry that supported colonial expansion.