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Spelling Grade 3 Lesson 14

Teacher: Gretchen Bagwell
To coordinate with.
A room where food is prepared.
Used to ask or identify one out of a group.
A word used to compare two things or ideas.
A round device used for turning a vehicle. Object that allows a vehicle to roll.
A picture made with a camera.
Condition of the air at any point in time.
A word used to tell the order of events.
Play period during the school day. A short break.
Two pieces of bread with something between them.
The ordinal number following fourth.
The section of a vehicle cab just in front of the windshield.
Young people.
Parts of something larger. Parts of a tree. To spread out.
Device used for making or taking calls.
Something studied in school. One who lives under a king's rule. The topic of a sentence.
Whichever one of two choices.
A protected area.
Past tense of WATCH; to take care of. To keep track of. To exercise care over.
A baseball player who catches.