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Spelling Grade 3 Lesson 15

Teacher: Gretchen Bagwell
A stream.
Ruined. Lost freshness of something. Bratty.
Past tense of LOOK; to have used your eyes to see something.
To ruin the condition of something. To tear up.
Becoming a member.
Past tense of UNDERSTAND; to have known thoroughly.
The sound of speaking, shouting, or singing that is made through a person's mouth.
To bother or disturb.
Being related to kings and queens.
Not straight.
Money made from metal.
An engine cover. A head covering.
Moving the body to help keep it healthy.
Past tense of ENJOY; had a good time; liked.
Having a point. Past tense of POINT; to be aimed or turned in a particular direction.
Past tense of DIVIDE; to be separated into parts. Separated.
To be glad.
A selection.
Covered with oil.