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The World of Physical Science

The study of the history, structure, and formation of Earth is called _______. (5)
Physical changes are often easy to ______. (33)
_________ is the study of movements deep in the Earth. (3)
_______ is the ability of a substance to change into a new substance. (35)
If you know the density of a substance, you can tell if it will _____ or sink. (31)
______ is the study of how energy affects matter. (4)
The properties that are most useful to identify a substance are called _________ properties. (36)
A ________ ______ happens when one substance interacts with another substance to form a new substance. (3)
Scientists who study meteorology are called ___________. (5)
The study of Earth’s atmosphere, weather, and climate is called ___________. (5)
_________ is the ability of a substance to burn. For example, wood burns easily. (35)
________ properties describe matter based on its ability to change into new matter. (35)
Science is divided into many _______, or parts. (2)
______ is the ability to do work. (2)
Physical changes do not change the _______ of matter. (33)
A ________ is a person who studies the chemistry of rocks, minerals, and soil. (5)
Any change that affects the physical properties of a substance is a ______ ______. (32)
_______ is the amount of matter in a given volume. (30)
The ______ of an object is the type of matter that makes up the object. (39)
_____ _______ is the study of matter and energy. (2)
_______ is another chemical property. (35)
When substances change into new substances that have different properties, a _____ ______ has happened. (37)
For example, through a process called ________, water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gases. (39)
________ can identify a substance by studying its physical and chemical properties. (36)
A _______ property of matter can be detected and measured without making a new substance. (29)
_______ is the study of the structure and properties of matter. (3)
Many chemical changes cannot be easily _______. (39)
_______ is a process of collecting information about the world. (1)
_______ is the “stuff” that everything is made of. (2)
A chemical change causes a substance to change into a ___ substance. (37)