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Math Vocabulary Challenge (3)

Displays functions by showing inputs and outputs.
3 letters representing the smallest number that can be used for all denominators in a group of fractions.
Different fractions that actually name the same number.
Words: 10.10
A fraction that cannot be made smaller by reducing.
The little line over a repetend in a repeating decimal.
Any equation that requires more than one step to solve.
A quantity showing part of a whole.
A number that is divided by another number.
Words: 1.1
Words: 1,000,001
The number of times a base is used as a factor.
Greater than zero, represented to the right of zero on a number line.
1 part out of 1000.
1 part out of 10.
A decimal that DOES NOT go on forever.
The cost (per unit) of whatever you want to buy.
A figure that has a mirror image on the opposite side of an axis line.