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Spelling Grade 3 Lesson 31

Teacher: Gretchen Bagwell
A place of worship. A worship service.
Instruments that are used to observe faraway objects by making them appear larger and closer.
Flat surfaces that are used to display objects.
Sweeping devices made of bristles that are set into a handle.
Large, freshwater birds.
Self-propelled devices that carry their own fuel and the oxygen needed to burn the fuel.
Coins that are valued at one cent apiece.
Ballroom dances in triple time.
The largest members of the deer family.
Small rodents.
Stars, gases, and dust clouds that are pulled together by gravity in large groups.
Buttons or levers that control electrical circuits.
Containers for drinking that are usually made of glass and without handles.
Root vegetables that grow underground and are edible.
Lists used to organize specific data.
Men admired for their courage and achievements.
Animals that are related to goats and are raised for their meat and wool. An animal related to a goat that is raised for its meat and wool.
Tool used for cutting.