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Physical Science Test 8 Review 2

Occur when a lip in path of flow of air causes regular pulses of compression
Length of a wave
Mutual reinforcement or cancellation that occurs when two or more waves meet
Family of instruments that is played by being struck
Unit used to measure loudness
The most widely played instrument these days
Set of frequencies at which an object vibrates
Family of instruments that includes the trumpet and tuba
Describes frequency relationships between the fundamental and the overtones
This can be destructive or constructive
Most dominant sound produced when a musical instrument plays a single note
Difference in pitch between note and a second note that has twice the frequency of the first
Family of instruments that varies pitch by opening and closing hole sin a tube
Calculated by multiplying wavelength and frequency
The SI unit of frequency
Uses sound to detect underwater objects
Waves that consist of compression and rarefaction pulses
Change in the course a wave as a result of a collision with an object
Angle of incidence = angle of reflection
Sound produced by musical instruments at higher frequencies than the fundamental
Spreading out of a wave after it passes through a narrow opening
Loud noise cause by a shock wave
Waves that consist of crests and troughs
Change in sound frequency caused by an objects motion
When two notes do not interfere harmoniously
Violent compression pulse caused by an object moving faster than the speed of sound
The difference between two notes
Sound of definite pitch