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Grade 8, lesson 10

Teacher: Grade 6
Change of substance; the bread and wine become the body of blood of Jesus
Reformed the Church 1000's AD; these reforms are still in place today
Fell into the hands of Muslim conquerors
Called by Pope Innocent III which regulated every aspect of Catholic life.
Remain unmarried
The practice by secular leaders to invest, or empower, Church leaders with authority
The culture and political atmosphere that came into existence during the Middle Ages
Professional fighting men of high rank
Persons who taught false doctrines
A mendicant order founded by St. Francis
Excommunicated by Pope Gregory IV
Great Dominican theologian
Called by Queen Isabella and Ferdinand to find Jews and Muslims converts
One of the great orders of friars founded in the 1200's
An official court that investigated people who were accused of heresy
A severe penalty that brings exclusion from participation in the Church's sacramental life
A call by Pope Urban II to take back Jerusalem and the Holy Lands
The buying or selling of spiritual things, services, or Church offices