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Romeo and Juliet Vocab Crossword (H)

Nicholas Chow 
Period 1
Rule or motto
Starbucks and McDonald's are ___.
Make something undesirable continue indefinitely
The music teacher was surprised to see the ______toddler correctly playing the violin.
I'm not sure how many people will come to the ___ party.
Petty or worthless
To keep a firm hold of something
Working class
What does Algernon tell Jack he has always suspected him of being?
Happy: Sad =__:Rich
It would _____ us to leave for the airport at least two hours before our plane is scheduled to depart.
Using dry humor
If I’m ___ , it’s because you hit me with a bat!
To beat with a stick
Rage or Fury
Regard with disgust or hatred
What is the name of the town from which George and Lennie are fleeing when the story opens?
Complain or grumble
The company decided to ____Jack’s outstanding contributions to the firm.
Sparse or inadequate
___ Bomb
Emotionally, Strongly
The new boy at school was a _____
Dull or boring
Wise sensible
Curley is _____
Usually an action that is wicked
White: Black =____:Kind
Respected due to age, wisdom, or character
Who reduces the ideals of Animalism to the phrase “Four legs good, two legs bad”?
A countless number
Arrogant or pompous
To bite and chew on in a noisy way
Who wrote The Odyssey?
Which animal hides during the Battle of the Cowshed?