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Irregular verbs

Do you want to _____ with cash or card?
Synonym: receive
Do you want to ______ to my house for dinner?
After school, I ____ home and ____ to bed.
I don't _____ what the answer is.
Similar to 'transform into'
If you are not sure, have a _______.
Please ______ your homework to class tomorrow.
The opposite of lose.
What time do you ______ your house in the morning?
The opposite of find.
A verb used to talk about emotions.
The opposite of remember.
I _____ one sister.
I always ______ my mother a present on her birthday.
Please ______ one option.
Hello. Nice to _____ you.
In this class we _____ English.
Synonym: retain
Both my brothers are builders. They ______ houses.
Synonym: start
I ______ with my eyes.
Synonym: damage/destroy
The apples ______ off the tree.
Synonym: allow
Similar to 'do' but used for things, not activities.
Can you ______ that noise?
Can you ______ me how to do it?