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Health psychology exam 3

Theory of health behaviors that predicts if a health habit can be understood by knowing the degree to which the person perceives it as a health threat.
People who express distress and conflict through bodily symptoms.
Health care arrangement in which an employer or employee pays a predetermined monthly fee to a healthcare or insurance agency for a reduced cost.
Number of cases of a disease that exist at a given point in time; it may be expressed as the number of new cases (incidence) or as the total number of existing cases (prevalence).
Theory of pain detailing how the experience of pain is reflected in sensory, psychological, and behavioral responses.
Condition under which patients privately contract with physicians for services.
Perception that an event is stressful independent of its objective characteristics.
Coordinated interdisciplinary efforts to modify chronic pain with neurological, cognitive, behavioral, and psychodynamic expertise to modify lifestyle.
A constellation of personality traits that predisposes a person to experience chronic pain.
Technique of relaxation and pain control in which a person conjures up a picture that is held in mind during a painful or stressful experience.
An integrated set of beliefs about one's personal qualities and attributes.
The perception of pain.
A state in which the body has adjusted to the use of a substance incorporating into the body's normal functioning.
Lifestyle change in a healthy direction, usually including exercise, stress management, and healthy diet.
Philosophy characterized by the belief that health is a positive state that is actively achieved associated with naturopathic (traditional)medicine.
Use of the best scientific evidence for making decisions about the care of individual patients; criteria for adopting medical standards.
Excessive accumulation of body fat, believed to contribute to a variety of health disorders including cardio-vascular disease.
A pain management technique involving relaxation, suggestion, distraction, and the focusing of attention.