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Famous Piano Pieces

Piano Performer Magazine
Winter Issue, 2018-2019
Vol. XII
This orient-inspired masterpiece by Debussy (OBM) features the pentatonic scale set against a rich European background.
The last of Beethoven's (OBM) piano concertos, alternatively titled Concerto N.5.
This piece was composed by Schumann (OBM) in 1838 to represent his memories of childhood. The original piece had 30 movements, but the final version kept only 13 of those.
A piece composed by Schumann to express longing for his love interest.
One of the most most famous ragtime classical piano songs of the modern era written by Scott Joplin (OBM).
Dvořák (OBM) composed this piece on a vacation to Bohemia during the summer of 1894. It is said to be the second-most famous piano composition after Für Elise.
A romantic solo piano piece by Claude Debussy (OBM).
The name of this March in French was composed in 1839 by Chopin (OBM). However, the third movement, whence comes the sonata's common nickname, had been composed as early as 1837.
A partial title of the piece Eine Kleine ...... by Mozart (OBM).
A short beautiful yet not technically complex piece by E. Grieg (OBM) suitable for performance by children.
A set of three solo piano works (S.541/R.211) by Franz Liszt (OBM), published in 1850.
Written by Franz Liszt (OBM), this piece literally means ‘little bell’ in Italian.