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AR's Science Puzzle

This describes large scale movements of Earth's lithosphere, which is made up of crust and the rigid, upper part of the mantle.
Ground movements that occur when blocks of rock in earth's crust move suddenly, and create energy.
Molten rock from inside earth rises through the cracks in the ridges, cools, and forms new oceanic crust.
This forms when two plates collide.
This is an solid
This is young rock.
This is the fastest wave and we call it a compression wave.
This is the most destructive wave.
The continents once formed a single landmass and have since drifted.
This is an 90 degree angle wave.
This is directly above the focus on Earth's surface.
Two plates move away from each other.
A plate within earth, along a fault at which the 1st move of an earthquake occur.
All the continents that joined in a single large landmass.
The return of a rock to its original shape after elastic deformation.
Lithosphere divided into pieces.
Two plates slide past each other.
This is made up of granite.
This is made up of iron and nickel.
This is a brake in crust along which blocks of rock move.