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Chemical(s) that result from a chemical reaction
Very stable group of elements
Compound of 2 elements only
Many transition metals have this, and is expressed with Roman numerals.
Number written above the normal lime, it indicates the charge of an ion
To explain everything that happens during a chemical rxn we use a chemical ___
Dihydrogen monoxide
Type of bonding, metal + nonmetal
Representation of the distribution of each element in a compound
Combination of symbols with the correct ratio of each element in a compound
Chemical(s) that will undergo a chemical reaction
These type of elements give away e- when bonded to nonmetals
Elements that have 2 atoms bonded as the smallest unit when uncombined.
A metal and a nonmetal do this with e- when bonding
Covalent compound form this...
Amount of substance in chemistry
8 valence e-
Negative ion
Sharing of 4 e- between 2 nonmentals
The charge of an atom when it turns into an ion
Nonmetals do this when they bond
Attraction to valence e- when bonded
Covalent molecule with even distribution of valence e-
Reaction of certain chemicals with oxygen, produces heat
Sharing of 2 e- between 2 nonmentals
Positive ion
Study of the amounts of reactants and products during a chemical reaction
Arrow in a chemical equation
Structure that describes the distribution of each element on a compound and the valence e- not shared
Covalent molecule with uneven distribution of valence e-
attraction between atoms to become more stable
Atoms don't have any, ions do
Type of bonding, non metals only
Iron (II) oxide