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Physical & Chemical Oceanography

Lowest tidal range during the month
The flow of water from land caused by precipitation
Spinning of Earth
Causes salinity levels to rise
Increasing concentration of a substance in the tissue of organisms
The ability of a solute to dissolve into a solvent
Contains inter-tidal zone
Area of very rapid decrease in temperature
Tide occurring once per day
Movement warm waters to deeper depths and colder waters to surface
Area of very rapid decrease in salt content
Due to excessive condensation in the atmosphere
Rise and fall of ocean at the shore
Factor that affects the amount of organisms in a given area
Caused by cessation of trade winds
Dissolving of a solute into a solvent
Salinity level over 35 ppt
Largest tidal range during the month
A measure of salt in the ocean
Movement of water caused by wind, change in temperature or salinity