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Reading Vocabulary 3

Guess what will happen before it has happened.
Words which are spelled alike but have different sounds and meanings.
An alphabetical list of words, names, and subjects with their page numbers that are found within a specific publication.
See how things are alike.
Repetition of an accent or beat in a line of poetry.
Something which can't be proved; what someone believes.
A list of words with their definitions arranged in alphabetical order.
A word that has more than one unrelated definition.
A list of difficult or special words and their definitions often placed at the back of the book.
A form of type that slants to the right, used to draw attention to a letter or word.
The title that is found at the beginning of the chapter.
How the characters are connected or related to each other.
The sequence of events or happenings in a literary work.
The heading of a part of information which belongs to a larger body of information.
A word with no prefix or suffix added; may also be called a root word or stem.
Important or descriptive words.
The central subject of a story or book.
Arrange in order using letters of the alphabet.
Something that amuses, pleases, or interests.
Information located within a selection that adds to or verifies facts within the written selection.
Seeing or showing beforehand.
A simple story of humans and their dealings with magical beings.
The order in which things happen.
A representation of a place found on the earth's surface.
A quality that is special to a person.