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Look for the words that matches with the corresponding adverbs
Is that your scarf over *ADVERB OF PLACE*?
He *ADVERB OF PURPOSE* complained to police about his noisy neighbors gathering little courage.
You go *ADVERB OF PLACE* and do your homework. I’ll come up in a minute.
Tom *ADVERB OF FREQUENCY* takes his dog for a walk before breakfast.
The hardworking lady didn’t go to work *ADVERB OF PURPOSE* she could look after her small ill child.
We went into the cave, and there were bats *ADVERB OF PLACE*!
I haven’t been going to the gym *ADVERB OF TIME*.
She spoke very *ADVERB OF MANNER*. We could all hear what she was saying.
I’d prefer to leave *ADVERB OF TIME*.
Have you seen Laurie *ADVERB OF TIME*?
She is *ADVERB OF DEGREE*beautiful
Church was opened twenty four hours *ADVERB OF PURPOSE* homeless people could take shelter in freezing cold.
Tom *ADVERB OF FREQUENCY* takes his dog for a walk before breakfast.
I *ADVERB OF MANNER* opened the door for my grandmother as she stepped out of the car.
Can I come to the movies *ADVERB OF DEGREE*?
We *ADVERB OF TIME*bought a new car.
We walked up the stairs very *ADVERB OF MANNER* because Mom and Dad were asleep.
There was somebody standing *ADVERB OF PLACE*.
It all happened *ADVERB OF DEGREE* quickly.
I *ADVERB OF FREQUENCY* eat fast food these days.