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Reform in Western Culture

Name:  ____________________________
Reform Act of 1832 gave what class the right to vote?
Sunday School began as an effort to teach poor children to do what?
Worked with the early automobile
Property should be commonly and publicly owned
German composer who attacked Jewish composers in an essay.
Scottish scientist who laid the foundation for Einstein
This movement showed interest in everyday life and the common man.
The Wright brothers are best known for the first successful what?
Government ownership of business
Patented the telegraph
No drinking of alcohol
This explored and celebrated emotion, nature, freedom, and the mysterious
What were formed to battle drunkenness?
What amendment gave women the right to vote?
Another word for the right to vote
Author of War and Peace
Worked with Marx to write the Communist Manifesto
Sweeping and repeated attacks on Russian Jews
Wrote about hardship in England's Industrial Age.
Prime minister who supported increasing the number of British voters
Anti-Semitism is hostility toward what people?
Author of the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man.
Developed the Steamship
This man helped prevent the spread of several diseases
Marx believed religion was what drug?
Another word for Bourgeoisie
In Pasteurization, you do what to milk and other liquids.
Drinking alcohol in moderation
Patented the telephone
Another word for the proletariat