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South Africa

Materials or goods that can be bought, sold, or traded.
A steep slope.
The practice of one country directly ruling and developing trade in a foreign territory for its own benefit.
A gradual transition from fertile to less productive land.
The lack of enough food or nourishment.
Grassland, as in south of the Sub-Saharan Africa.
The common language amount several groups of people.
An outbreak of disease that spreads over a wide geographic area.
A group of merchants traveling together for safety.
An independent state made up of a city and the territories depending on it.
An outbreak of a disease affecting a great number of the population in a particular community.
Surrounded by land on all sides, with no direct access to a seacoast.
The business of trading slaves taken from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas starting in the 1500s
A sudden, illegal takeover of government by force.
The practice of cutting down forests for crops or urban use.
Policies and actions designed to bring a country up to date in technology and other areas.
A deep valley formed when Earth's crust separated, as in East Africa.
A forest with warm temperatures, high humidity, and thick vegetation that receives more than 100 inches of rain per year.
The legal separation of the races; a system that denied black South Africans their rights.