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Lincoln and Douglas

Name: _____________________   Period: ____
Stephen Douglas tried to persuade the voters that Lincoln and the Republicans were dangerous ________.
Lincoln challenged Douglas to _______ the issues with him in different sections of Illinois.
Stephen Douglas believed in popular ___________ for Kansas.
The Lincoln-Douglas debates attracted ______ crowds, for each debate was a great local occasion.
After the people of Kansas rejected the Lecompton Constitution, this political party in Illinois split into factions, one group pro-Buchanan and the other pro-Douglas.
When President Buchanan tried to put pressure on this man to change his mind about the Lecompton Constitution and he flatly refused.
Lincoln had always been thought of as a rather ordinary local politician. All that changed when this Act (two words) revived the question of slavery in the territories.
Lincoln's views appealed to __________ in the North.
On the question of slavery in the territories, Lincoln took a _______ stand.
On election day in November the voters gave the Democrats a small majority in the Illinois state legislature and Douglas was _________ to the Senate.
Abraham Lincoln was a hard worker, very ambitious, and had a reputation for _________.
The delegates at the Lecompton convention represented a small amount of people in the Kansas Territory. This small amount is know as a _________.
Although Lincoln hated slavery, he did not hate slave __________.
Abraham Lincoln was a former member of the Illinois state legislature as well as a _________.
Perhaps Lincoln and Douglas stated their views most clearly in their ________ debate, at Alton, Illinois, on October 15, 1858.
The publicity and Lincoln's effective speeches attracted much ___________ attention.
Because of the importance of the election, newspapers all over the country reported on the debates in ________.
What called Lincoln to the attention of the Republican leaders was his good judgement and _____________.
Back in 1858, senators were chosen by the state ____________, not by popular vote.
A majority of the people in Kansas were opposed to the _________ Constitution and to the opening of the territory to slavery.
The Lecompton state constitution authorized this terrible form of labor.
Although Lincoln had prospered as a lawyer, his political career had been only ___________ successful.
Early in Lincoln's life, people began to call him "_______ Abe".
Who was the Republican candidate for the Illinois state senate in 1858?
Lincoln expressed his ideas well. He had a remarkable gift for _______.