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Math Terms

Teacher: Coach McPhail
Sequence obtained by adding or subtracting a number
Strength of a relationship between two data sets
The y-values for this graph get really big really fast
A term with no variables
Middle number
Where graph crosses x-axis
How much members of the data set vary from the mean
Number that is the square root of a negative number
Measure of an angle
Graph is a parabola
Makes a line
Occurs most often
Y values
Sequence obtained by multiplying by a number
Number that is a nonterminating and nonrepeating decimal
Numerical factor in a term
Highest or lowest point on a parabola
Observe members of a sample in a way that they are not affected
Largest number minus smallest number
A letter that represents one or more numbers
An (x,y) point
To find this, switch x and y and solve for y
Distance from zero on a number line
Measure used when graphing trig functions
Value very different from the rest of the data set
Rectangular array of numbers written within brackets
X values
Solution to an equation