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Physical Science Review

Grade 8  Ms. Ard          PER # ___

NAME ____________________________

The study of light
The bottom of a wave is the ____ .
A part of the atom. It has almost no mass and a negative charge, It whizzes around the nucleus.
The very top of a wave is called the _____.
The word "F" represents in F=ma
What color light is reflected back by a plant leaf?
The area around a magnet that shows its forces. 2 words
The angle light hits an object is then a _____ of the beginning angle. (HINT: mirrors)
Newton's Law that describes inertia
This is known as the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. 3 words
The smallest unit of any element or chemical is an ____.
A force that resists motion
Combining two materials such as sand and water, They are not changed, but are together.
When a push and a pull force are not equal
A part of the nucleus of the atom. It has a mass of 1 and a positive charge.
The word "m" represents in F=ma
Old style clocks and watches had hands and were not digital, but were ______.
A measurement of the top (or bottom) half of the wave.
When two opposing forces are equal
An attractive force between two objects. Sometimes they are bar type objects with north and south poles.
F=ma one of Newton's Laws
The center of the atom, it contains neutrons and protons.
A type of electricity on surfaces, like rubbing a balloon
At the end of a scientific experiment , after all the data has been analyzed, the scientist or student writes a final ____ .
This is a chart the shows the relationships of all the elements. 2 words
The word "a" represents in F=ma
A state of matter, such as when ice melts to become water at room temperature.
A proposed answer to a scientific problem. It then needs to be tested.
Displaying a readout in numerical digits rather than by a pointer or hands on a dial:
A material composed of only one atom, such as Iron, Fe or Oxygen, O.
The way scientists approach a new problem. The use The ______ _______
When water becomes water vapor when heated, this state of matter is a ___.
A well studied idea in science with lots of evidence to back it up. Such as the ____ of Evolution.
The numbers and observations in a scientific study. You collect ____.
The change of the direction of waves when they pass into something like water where they have a different speed. The light or object appears to bend.
This is formed when more than one atom comnies together such as NaCl, salt.
Newton's law the states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
A part of the nucleus of the atom. It has a mass of 1, but no charge.
From the top of one wave to the next is called the ___________.
A state of matter, such as when water is ice.