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Life Science Review

These charts are used to determine all the possibilities we can inherit from a genetic trait. Bb X BB for instance. 2 words.
A well studied idea in science with lots of evidence to back it up. Such as the ____ of Evolution.
These are the powerhouses of the cell. They make ATP for enrgy.
The brain, spinal column, and individual nerves make up this system.
The way scientists approach a new problem. The use The ______ _______
The system controls blood flow throughout our body, delivery oxygen, food molecules and taking away wastes to every cell.
A chart that shows a trait through several generations of a family. 2 words.
Traps the suns energy and uses it to make glucose molecules and the carbohydrates from the glucose.
The study of how we inherit traits through our genes (DNA).
The outside of a plant cell is called a ___ ___. 2 words.
The appearance of a trait that is inherited, such as the tongue rolling gene.
This is a chart the shows the relationships of all the elements. 2 words
A word used for something you can inherit, like light or dark eyes.
System with ductless glands that produce hormones, such as epinephrine and insulin.
The system that takes food from whole, to mush, to molecules, to elimination.
The numbers and observations in a scientific study. You collect ____.
At the end of a scientific experiment , after all the data has been analyzed, the scientist or student writes a final ____ .
System that includes the lungs, trachea, bronchii, and alveoli.
Cells use the *energy from glucose molecules and oxygen molecules too make ATP. ATP is then used to power cells. This all happens in the mitochondrion. 2 words.
This flexible boundary is on the outside of all animal cells. 2 words.
Small part of a cell. A little organ.
When sex cells such as sperm and eggs are formed. The original double copy of each trait is changed through two series of steps into 4 cells with only 1 from each original pair.
A plant or animal that has ing=heritied one dominant and one rececessive allele such as Bb, also called heterozygous.
A proposed answer to a scientific problem. It then needs to be tested.
The letters that represent a trait for an individual, Example BbGg
System that control excess water and salts. Kidneys and bladder belong here.
One of these little green parts of the cell can take the energy from the sun and make the compound glucose. Only in plant cells.
The control center for cells. The DNA (chromosomes) is here.
Asexual cell multiplying. 1 cell forms two new exact copies. This process is called ____.
Smallest unit of life.