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A position a person occupies within a social structure.
States that people are motivated to interact with each other by self-interest.
Non-conformity goes undetected by society.
All the shared products of human groups.
Behavior that violates significant social norms.
Survives by hunting animals and gathering food.
Consist of all individuals 16+ who are employed in paid positions or seeking paid employment.
Belief that one age category is by nature superior to another age category.
The combination of rules and objects.
When someone has difficulty meeting the expectations of just one status.
The situation that occurs when people do not have jobs but are actively seeking employment.
The underlying patterns of relationships in a group.
When one gender thinks they are superior over another gender.
The process by which people give up old norms, values, attitudes and behaviors.
Thoughts, ideas, usually negative.
Expected behavior associated with a particular status.
A standard of living that is below the minimum level considered adequate by society.
All people commit deviant acts.
Attempt to achieve goals in legitimate ways.
Mark of social disgrace that sets the individual apart from the rest of society.