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Foundation Junior Maths & Science Camp

The Physics Chamber - Science CrossWord 1
What is considered to be the most powerful word in Retail Sales and Supermarkets to attract customers? 4
Which branch of Mathematics deals with the change of winning Coin Toss?11
We should be careful in using wet wood in handling Electricity because it is a "x" of electricity. What is X? 9
What is the name given the the object inside the Bucket of a Catapult - something that is thrown?
The width of the backside of what influenced the distance between railway tracks when they were first thought about? 5
One divided by which number gives you the Probability of Virat Kohli winning all the five Tosses in a Five Test Match Series? 6,3
How many colors are seen on a well-defined Rainbow? 5
Using the base value as 100 helps us in finding "X" much faster in Mathematics. What is X? 10
Which element in the periodic table is used to give the second place medals at the Olympics? 6
What is the expansion of the last letter of PPT that explains the Salinity of Water? 5