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Senior Batch Maths & Science Camp

The Physics Chamber - Science CrossWord 1
Travels at 343 m/s
Movement of electrons inside a metal makes the metal this
Fluorine is an example. also a log inside a hen
Refers to the entire connection from head to toe and needs to be activated for hard physical activities
Two to the power five
Expansion of the last letter - PPT a term that explains salinity
This lights up on impact in stumps in cricket
The gas that was used to take the diver 39 km high for the highest free fall
The state a fighter pilot gets into if you dont manage the forces well while flying
Present name of Lutetia
The distance traveled by a body projected in air
The force that comes into play when a plane goes into a spin
To prevent cattle from crossing over to the other side
Comes back if thrown because its an airfoil
The mathematical word for chance of an event
A cricket ball thrown from the filed towards the Wicket Keeper can be defined as this
The carbonate of this is used in creating chalk for strength training
Deficiency creates Goitre
The name given to the matter that is carried by a launch vehicle - also used in Catapults
The chemical compound created in 2019 using Erbium, Carbon, Iodine etc
The power of the engine is measured in terms of this living thingy
The most powerful word for giving discount in shops