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Science Module 15

Theory assuming light is a wave rather than a particle
Cells in the eye sensitive to color
Light that gives off heat
Primary colors: red, green, and blue
Transparent substance covering the eye
UV light can do what
Light waves bouncing off a mirror
Primary colors: yellow, magenta, and cyan
Light waves are also referred to as what kind of waves
There is no need for either atoms or molecules in order for light to
Little packets of light
Longest wavelengths of light are this color
Light in which light rays converge to a single point
Light travels the slowest in what
Equal parts of the additive primary colors make what
Diverging lens shape
Particle theory of light was formulated by what scientist
Lens in which light rays bend outward
When sunlight hits water it does what
One of two forces that work together to produce light
Light bending in response to change in speed
The opening in the eye
Light is focused in this part of the eye
The Theory of this proposes that the speed of light is the ultimate speed limit
Converging lens shape
One of two forces that work together to produce light
Regulates how much light gets into the eye