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Ch. 23-25 Plant Structures

Early growth of plant embryo
Transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
A __ root system has many tiny roots
Circular patterns of xylem cells in woody stems, each representing one year's growth
A __ consists of an embryo, cotyledon, and aril
__ buds are located on the sides of branches
Sperm travel through the pollen __ through the style to the ovary
Tissue that transports materials
Places on a stem where leaves develop
__ root system has one large main root, ex. carrot
Pollination involves the transfer of pollen from one plant to another
Part of the leaf, connects blade to stem
Buds found on the ends of branches
A __ stem is hard and brittle
__ tissue produces additional xylem and phloem as a plant grows
Water pressure that supports herbaceous stems is called __ pressure
The wood of a tree is __ tissue
Tissue where food is stored
Plants that have a two year growing season
Special epidermal cells that make up bark
Evaporation of water from leaves
Protected, dormant tissue in a bud
Tiny lumps on roots of some plants that contain nitrogen-fixation
__ is produced in the anther
The ovary swells and forms the __ around the seeds
Bud __ are modified leaves that protect buds during winter
A young plant in the earliest stages of development
__ pollination involves transferring pollen between flowers on the same plant
In pollination, pollen is transferred from the ___ to the stigma
Expanded or flattened part of a leaf
Root __ are tiny projections on roots that absorb water and minerals
The patterns of veins in a leaf
Plants that live for more than two growing seasons
The process of plants growing towards light
Tissue that provides support
Tissue that strengthens tall plants
Soft, green, juicy stems
Plants that produce seeds and then die in one growing season
Buds found on the sides of stems
The __ is the outer layer of a woody stem