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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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ACT Math & Science Review


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The illustrations, charts, or tables Labeled Fig 1, etc., that give visual info needed to answer the questions
What? unknown number, a number
Together, and, combined, both
Minus, without, less, difference, change
Times, product, each, per, of
Use the answer choices to get to the answer by "plugging them into" the problem given to see if they work
To multiply a number by itself
Equal to, is the same as, is
Graph that relays info using bars of varying sizes to denote value
Almost every question in the science test will give you the info you need to locate the answer in the ...
An object's numerical worth
Skimming a passage for terms and key info
A linear array of mathematical symbols separated by an equals sign
May be found on charts, graphs, tables, & figures
The value given to each item in a group when solving an average
"Road ..." that help you identify the information to look for in order to answer the questions
Written situations that set up the need for an equation to solve
Graph that relays info through individual points that are connected to each other on a line
When pacing yourself on the ACT math portion, remember that the ___ questions come first, so don't spend too much time on the beginning part
Non-graphical way to relay info about a system, using columns & rows to display data