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WWII Crossword

By: Genesis Bowers
In which Germany and the Soviet Union signed and agreed to take no military action against each other for the next 10 years.
a person who is blamed for something someone else had done.
Main ones included, Great Britain, the United States, China, and the Soviet Union
Main ones included, Germany, Italy, and Japan
The _________ ended WWI, led to the start of WWII, less than 20 years later.
An agreement between Britain and Germany in 1938, under which Germany was allowed to extend its territory.
____ forged alliances with the United States and Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II.
____ forged the paramilitary fascist movement in 1919.
On September 1, 1939, Germany ________, then Poland declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939.
_____ is opposition to war, or militarism.
Chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945
_______ was Germany's government from 1919 to 1933
British prime minister when Great Britain entered the war.
The actions of trying to make someone less angry, by following their demands.
forced union of Austria with Nazi Germany in 1938.